Pentens® Concrete Admixture

Pentens® LATEX, Water Resistant Bonding Agent and Mortar
PENTENS-Latex is a 100% acrylic resin emulsion to be mixed with cement (neat) or cement/sand mortar for improved adhesion and water resistance properties.
Pentens® T-007, cement modifier
PENTENS T-007 cement modifier is acrylic emulsion designed for cement and mortar, it will permeate into the gap between cement and aggregate to fulfill its function of filing pore space, that will create finer texture in cement and mortar and further enhance waterproofing and durability for cement and mortar.
Pentens® TYPE-A, Water Reducing Admixture
The plasticizing effect of PENTENS Plasticrete – A, Water Reducing Admixture improves durability and strength by allowing for a lower water/cement ratio of a concrete mix while maintaining its flow ability. By eliminating unnecessary water, the concrete will have higher compressive strength and increased durability due to...more