Pentens® Decorative Coating

Pentens® NPU-12, Water-based Polyurethane Nano Coating
PENTENS NPU-12 is a nanotechnology HDI based polyurethane coating of finest quality, durable, water repellent, fungus/algae/bacteria resistant, UV resistant, scratch resistant, anti-corrosive sealer, primer & finish for a wide variety of exterior and interior surfaces.
Pentens® PU-820, Transparent, Anti-stain Waterproofing Paint
PENTENS PU-820 anti-stain waterproofing paint is suitable to be used for natural stones, external walls, tiles, brickworks, concrete structure protective coatings, and it is also suitable to be used on the surface of waterproofing materials as a finishing.
Pentens® T-400, Anti Stain Fluorocarbon Resin Clear Coat
PENTENS T-400 is superior quality fluorocarbon clear coat that is designed for exterior coating to provide a easy-to-clean and exceptional durability when exposed to exterior ultraviolet and infrared light.