Pentens® Floor Coating

Pentens® E-10, Water-dispersed two-component epoxy resin
A reactive two-component water based epoxy system with extremely low V.O.C.(volatile organic carbon). E-10 is safe to use in sensitive locations is environmentally friendly
Pentens® E-501, Solvent Free Epoxy Resin for Mortar Floor
PENTENS E-501 is a two-component epoxy resin and hardener mix with graded aggregate to achieve desired thickness.
PENTENS E-501 is designed specifically for heavy load and industrial use.
Pentens® E-601, Solvent Free, Self-Leveling Epoxy Top Coat
PENTENS E-601 is a two-component High Build Self Leveling Epoxy Systems with glossy, easy-to-maintain , chemical resistance finished surface .
Pentens® E-620F, Water-based Epoxy Coating
A pigmented, reactive two-component system, consisting of water-emulsified epoxy resin and it is environmentally friendly with extremely low V.O.C.(volatile organic compound)
Pentens® ECO-600TR, Epoxy Clear Coat
PENTENS ECO-600TR is a special formulated two-component solvent-less epoxy transparent coating which is good abrasion resistant, chemical resistant , high polish gloss floor protective coat.
Pentens® T-1168, Water-Based Polymer Cement Floor Topping
PENTENS T-1168 water-based polymer cement floor topping is suitable for priming, leveling and
repairing standard to highly absorbent concrete
Pentens® T-250, Colorful Wear-resistant Surface Coating
Specially formulated mineral based coating system of inorganic nature for both exterior and interior use.
Pentens® T-250X, Water-based Acrylic Line Marking Paint
A specially formulated waterborne Acrylic emulsion line marking paint designed for application to mineral based road
lines, playground, car parks, and sports courts.
Pentens® T-303, Moisture Barrier
PENTENS T-303 is a two-component, moisture barrier and damp-proofing coating . Apply directly to concrete, mortar or stone as sealing and leveling mortar (0.5 – 3.0 mm). It provides an ideal substrate for subsequent epoxy and other coating.
Pentens® T-888, Cementitious Self-leveling Compound
A cementitious self-leveling interior flooring compound designed to make the surface of a substrate fit to be tiled or covered with flexible floor covering.