Pentens® Grout

Pentens® E-500, Solvent-free, Low Viscosity Epoxy Resin
ENTENS E-500 is solvent-free two part low viscosity epoxy resin with long pot-life , excellent mechanical properties such as Compressive , Flextural and Bonding strength , is a multi-functional structural epoxy grout .
Pentens® PU-300, One Part Polyurethane Grouting
PENTENS PU-300 one part polyurethane grouting is to stop water leakage permanently. PENTENS PU-300 is approved for drinking water contact.
Pentens® T-805, Standard Non-Shrink Grout
PENTENS T-805 is a ready to use rich blend of cements and shrinkage compensating agents requiring only the addition of water to produce a free-flowing, high strength grout.