Pentens® Joint Sealent

Pentens® 603, Acetic Cure Silicone Sealant
PENTENS 603 is one part acetoxy cure, widely used for glazing and sealing and weatherproofing in all building, modular house, freight container, roofing and cladding joint. Excellent adhesion to glass, aluminum, ceramic. Painted surface, most metals, most plastics.
Pentens® 605, Neutral Cure Silicone Sealant
PENTENS 605 neutral cure silicone sealant widely used for glazing, sealing and weatherproofing in all buildings, modular houses, freight containers, roofing and cladding joints. Excellent adhesion to glass, aluminum, ceramics, painted surface, most metals and most plastics.
Pentens® 607, Acrylic cure Sealant
PENTENS 607 is a white acrylic based carck filler in paste form for application from a cartridge.
Pentens® FLEX-609, Single component polyurethane joint sealant
PENTENS FLEX-609, single component polyurethane, cures to form a soft elastomeric weatherproof seal and it is specifically designed for waterproofing and sealing of external and internal expansion and construction joints in buildings and engineering structures.
Pentens® IS-250, Seal ‘n Grout construction joint sealing system
PENTENS IS-250 Swell ‘ n Grout Injectable Hydrophilic Waterstop can effectively seal construction joints, cold joints, pipe leakage and to the joints between walls.
Pentens® T-280, Flexible Joint Filler
A ready-to-use permanent flexibility sealant , particularly suitable for all types of interior and exterior filling jobs without cracking and it eliminates the need for repair tape.
Pentens® WATERSTOP, Polyvinylchloride / Rubber Waterstops
PENTENS Mechanical Waterstops are embedded across and along the joint to create a diaphragm. Many profiles are suitable for moving joints.