Cool roof is a roof that can deliver high solar reflectance as well as high thermal emittance. Cool roof system provides a GREEN alternative energy and efficient solution to your insulation, roofing and waterproofing needs. Spray Polyurethane Foam Pentens PU-130 uses to reduce thermal conductive heat transfer and its air barrier properties helps reduce convective heat transfer; finished layer Pentens Solar Flex T-202 Ceramic Coating with solar reflectance Index (SRI) 110.

Pentens® T-202 Advantage

 Ready to use
 Excellent adhesion and durability
 Excellent weather resistance
 Excellent abrasion resistance
 Good impact strength
 Good flexibility
 Freeze-thaw resistant
 Vapor permeable
 Water resistant
 Corrosion resistant
 Easy to maintain

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Pentens Green WaterproofingPentens Green WaterproofingPentens Green Waterproofing

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Pentens Green Waterproofing