PENTENS re-roof system has been designed to provide a green, toughness and long term durability with the waterproofing of existing roof. PENTENS Fleseal T-200H UV resistant elastomeric PU waterproofing coating is an ideal choice of waterproofing coating for re-roof system. With the fast set nature, this system can help to save time with the ability to return substrate to service in minutes.

PentensĀ® T-200 Advantage

(ul)(li)Water based, environment friendly(/li)(li)Gas and oil resistant
(/li)(li)UV Blockers(/li)(li)No blistering, cracking and peeling
(/li)(li)Chemical resistant and waterproof(/li)(li)User friendly, suitable use on any surface
(/li)(li)Can withstand foot traffic(/li)(li)Non-toxic(/li)(/ul)

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Pentens Green WaterproofingPentens Green WaterproofingPentens Green Waterproofing

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Pentens Green Waterproofing