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Pentens Green Waterproofing


Waterproofing in toilets is critical in the prevention of seepage to the concrete. The consequences of seepage include the hassle and inconvenience to the daily life, degradation of structural integrity of the concrete slab and structures, growth of mold and mildew, and deterioration in indoor air quality due to increase dampness. Pentens T-100 provide a better water and vapour proof in complicating application surface compare to membrane-type and ensure better integrity between applied surfaces and waterproofing coating.

PentensĀ® T-100 Advantage

(ul)(li)High elasticity(/li)(li)Will bond to almost any surface(/li)(li)Does not run or creep under any heat(/li)(li)Resists a wide range of acids and alkalies(/li)(li)Can be applied to a damp surface(/li)(li)Odourless and produces no fumes(/li)(/ul)

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Pentens Green WaterproofingPentens Green WaterproofingPentens Green Waterproofing

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Pentens Green Waterproofing