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Pentens Green Waterproofing


Swimming pools are constantly subject to water pressure. The waterproofing also needs to be able to cope with the pool chemicals. If not properly waterproofed, it will suffer from water damage such as cracking and aking, and it will also be damaged by the pool chemicals used. Pentens T-100 waterproofing is the most preferred type of waterproofing for swimming pools. Pentens T-100 is a single component which is newly developed polymer of MMA, natural rubber, and polyurethane combines with the reaction with asphalt and then being modified and further emulsified to form elastic waterproof membrane.

PentensĀ® T-100 Advantage

(ul)(li)High elasticity(/li)(li)Will bond to almost any surface(/li)(li)Does not run or creep under any heat(/li)(li)Resists a wide range of acids and alkalies(/li)(li)Can be applied to a damp surface(/li)(li)Odourless and produces no fumes(/li)(/ul)

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Pentens Green WaterproofingPentens Green WaterproofingPentens Green Waterproofing

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Pentens Green Waterproofing