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Pentens Green Waterproofing


Retaining walls are structures designed to restrain soil to unnatural slopes, so they are often made in concrete to make them more durable or long lasting. These retaining walls can easily get soaked in water during the rainy seasons, causing the formation of mold. Proper waterproofing system must be done to prevent water from seeping into the walls and compromising its structure and finish. The best possible solution to fully waterproofing retaining walls is using PENTENS T-100 Water-based PU Waterproofing Membrane. PENTENS T-100 is seamless and will bond to most construction surfaces, it is protected at the time of backfilling with the correct protection boards.

PentensĀ® T-100 Advantage

(ul)(li)High elasticity(/li)(li)Will bond to almost any surface(/li)(li)Does not run or creep under any heat(/li)(li)Resists a wide range of acids and alkalies(/li)(li)Can be applied to a damp surface(/li)(li)Odourless and produces no fumes(/li)(/ul)

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Pentens Green WaterproofingPentens Green WaterproofingPentens Green Waterproofing

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Pentens Green Waterproofing